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“Artists anonymous Belgrade” is a locally brewed creative channel depriving on maintaining the creative thinking of young inovative minds and promoting design that communicates for causes in need and the issues of todays living hazards. Our fundemental aim is to create an open source library welcome to any part of the public with the elementary goal od sharing and motivating quality design with strong comunication value.

Our idea is also to bring up young designers, and by producing socially engaged art donate to the humantiry associations of Serbia.

The anonyminity of the new born creative persons in Serbia will be singly transformed into a good willed inovative giving machine. Teaching our newly bred designers what the essentials of design thinking is, an artistic domain that is created for good.

We are olso selling design goods, where all the funds are directly donated to causes.

We are all donating concepts for comunicating social awareness. We engage you to join us as part of our team, or be the links
that will bring this art to life. As visual comunicators, this is one step to doing somthing to help one another.

All of the designs are urged to be taken, shared, used, with only one condition. Use them to spread awareness for bringing goodness to our habitat.

This is the world we live in, these are the messages we want to send.